Jason Autry is a creative communications specialist and photographer based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He was born and raised just down I-77 in Columbia, South Carolina but his journey has taken him far beyond his southern roots to some amazing places and unforgettable experiences.

Jason’s career has included service on the leadership team of 5 different organizations and a 100,000-student university. In these roles, he communicated in the United States and abroad, led revitalization projects, built cross-functional teams and advised leaders from companies like Honeywell, ICAP Energy and Capital One Bank.

In the last two decades, Jason has contributed to the personal formation and development of individuals and groups in a variety of social, cultural and economic contexts. He also serves as an adjunct professor and is an ambassador for The Good Story, a non-profit organization that provides creative solutions and training to help mission ventures around the world communicate their impact.

Jason graduated from the University of South Carolina and went on to earn two master's degrees.

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— David Benjamin, Vice President of Capital One Bank