Jason Autry is a world class speaker with the incredible gift of taking complex truths and practically applying them to our daily lives. He speaks with conviction and has a great manner and humor when dealing with difficult subjects.
— Chris Koetsier, Director of Integration at Honeywell



For over 20 years, Jason has been speaking to diverse audiences at churches, conferences, universities and organizations in the United States and abroad. He is a gifted communicator and storyteller whose purpose is to deliver a message of hope that will help people think differently about their lives. His passion for faith, leadership, soul care and creativity are at the heart of his presentations.

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"Jason is an outstanding communicator. I am impressed with his ability to impart deep truths in a way that is easily understood. His candidness, mixed with humor and wit, ensures wide-ranging acceptance from his audience.” 

John Doster, Sr. Vice President at PARx Solutions

"Jason is an excellent speaker and leader. I have been honored to work with him in various ways through the years and I am appreciative of his leadership and authenticity. Great things are being accomplished through his work."

Dave Sterrett, Co-Author of I Am Second




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