“I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know Jason Autry in a deeper way and I remain very impressed. He brings a level of maturity and wisdom that is nearly unheard of for a person in his generation. There are few topics that we have not discussed and his efforts to encourage the application of spiritual principles to business models have really impacted my life and leadership.”

— David Benjamin, Vice President at Capital One Bank


“I’ve been honored to work with Jason Autry in various ways through the years. He is an excellent communicator and counselor and I’m always so appreciative of his leadership and authenticity. He has really helped me grow as a person.”

Dave Sterrett, Co-Author of I Am Second

“As a professional advisor and counselor, Jason Autry changed my life. No matter the issue I was presenting, it seemed he could always point me to the effective, truth-filled solution in a powerful way. I recommend him to anyone.”

— Ashleigh Cromer, Executive Director at Be Strong Global


“Jason Autry is a world class communicator with an incredible gift of taking complex truths and practically applying them to daily life. He leads with conviction and has a great manner when dealing with potential conflict.” 

Chris Koetsier, Director of Integrated Security at Honeywell

“Jason Autry is a gifted speaker, counselor and mentor. He’s made a tremendous impact across the country by developing people and preparing them for the game of life. Whatever challenge you are facing, he can help you win.”

— Frank Hickson, Retired NCAA Div. 1 Football Coach


“It is rare to find a person as multi-faceted and talented as Jason Autry. He knows how to build and develop capable leaders over time and how to communicate deep truths in a way that are easily understood and applicable to life. Even when dealing with difficult issues, his candidness, mixed with humor and wit, ensures clear understanding and acceptance.” 

— John Doster, Sr. Vice President at PARx Solutions


“Jason Autry is one of the most passionate and dedicated leaders I’ve ever had the privilege to be around. His desire to connect with people is evident and I am impressed with his willingness to truly listen in any situation.”

— Ben Maynor, Executive at New Penn Financial

“I cannot speak highly enough of Jason Autry’s character, leadership and wisdom. His counsel is applicable and sound and he is one of the most genuine leaders our family has ever had the privilege to know and learn from.”

— Allison Perkins, Development Manager at JDRF Intl.


“Jason Autry has excellent leadership skills and is an outstanding communicator. He can guide eclectic groups of people with ease and has the ability to connect and engage others in a variety of environments.”

— Doug Poppen, Sr. Analytics Advisor at Fishbowl Inc.