Stay on the Path

Discovering and walking on the right path is of vital importance in life. Wisdom literature from various corners of the world have all spoken of the principle of the path and how it will ultimately determine our outcome. Every path has a destination for better or worse.

Author and pastor, Bob Merritt writes, “People who build great lives get on constructive paths, and they stay there. They don’t swerve or get pulled off by a bunch of little paths that don’t seem harmful at the time but almost always turn into bigger, more destructive ones.”

Those bunch of little paths that Merritt is referring to are diversions that we often take because the best path isn’t playing out like we expected. Flawed subjectivity, discontentment, sin and poor judgment can lead to restlessness and dissatisfaction with the path we should be on.

The best path may be taking way too long for our desires. Instant gratification can lead us to a false conclusion that the shortest route to our objective is the one we should be taking. But the best isn’t always the quickest. Right does not have to equal fast. The longer path may be the best one for us. Our lives will benefit from the development of patience, endurance and character while our goals and dreams marinate in valuable experience.

The best path may be a little too precarious for our liking. Insecurity and discomfort with our surroundings becomes our compass and takes us in a different direction. But the best isn’t always the safest. Right does not have to equal sheltered. The risky path may be the best one for us. Our lives will benefit from the development of resolve, obedience and courage while our faith and hope materialize in the face of uncertainty.

A bunch of little paths become harmful detours when we fail to trust God to lead us. David implies in Psalm 32:8 that the second guessing of God’s infinite ability to guide us through life is misplaced. He writes, “The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”

God has the wisdom, credibility and sovereign power to help us navigate and stay on the path that will lead to a positive destination. The best path is the one he leads us on.

LivingJason Autry