An Unexpected Friend


When you get next to the ocean and take more than a passing moment to look across the water at the horizon, it can soothe and romance you in a disarming way. The longer you sit on the shore, the more convinced you become that this open water is somehow your trusted friend; a confidant that gives a listening ear. It can be an unexpected friend that comes into your life when you need it the most.

Its’ crashing waves have a melodic rhythm that serenades and comforts while pulling you into an assured belief that it is something altogether different than just an open sea. You begin to think that the vastness of it has the ability to hold and keep all of your problems and then wash them away with the force of its steady tide. You start to think the wind it generates will carry your regrets and mistakes across the sand and up into the clouds dotting the blue sky never to be seen or heard from again.

Carolina Beach, North Carolina | 2018 | Canon 5D

LifeJason Autry